The Wandsworth Demons
Antarctica Trip

Sam from Perth2007-01-29
I thought I'd see if this works. I'd love to hear any feedback on the pics, even if you think there are too many or some of them aren't worth showing. Let me know.

I'll reply to any questions too if you leave an email address.

celine and em from Perth2007-02-08
..couldn't you fit more into 9 days!
..terrible...we'll discuss this later

the girls, x (and ashliegh..xxxxxx)
Sharon Ott from St. Louis, Mo. USA2007-04-04
Hi Sam, I did manage to get your pictures again, went to website at bottom of page. Your pictures are so beautiful, especially the close-ups which I didn't get. I printed some out.I, too, am going to order a book from Akos. Sharon
Victoria Chapman2007-04-07
Hey, not sure why I checked your site but was glad to hear you made it to Antarctica. Hope you are well and don't have too many smuggled penguins in the flat! x
Clara Martinez Autin from Buenos Aires, Argentina2007-04-23
Hi Sam! We met in Usuahia, before each went on separate ships, remember? I was putting order in my emails and I found the one you sent me with your web site. It is wonderful! For me too, it has been the best trip I have ever done... Bye Sam, and thanks for your web site; it is great.
kathy o from California2007-11-23
Thanks for the most comprehensive information about this trip. I leave on the Dec. 10 trip, and am so anxious. Your notes and photos have been an excellent help in my planning. (I'll be one of the "older folks" so I may not be participating in the evening games as much as you did.) Thanks again for sharing your wonderful adventure.
Rob Miller from Rob2009-06-17
I liked your site.