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11 Oct, 10
Uncle Sam

Look what the uncle sent!! What the hell is Chelsea?Lincoln Derrick Percy was born this morning. It is my first time as an uncle and we're all very happy. My mum happens to be in London at the moment so the news and this picture greeted us when we woke up, and we spoke to Hope at the hospital.

The reason for this page is so I can easily explain the story of it all. My sister's girlfriend, Tash, had the baby. The girls decided to have a baby together and so needed a donor to help out. They had decided Tash would be the biological mum, and asked me to be the biological dad. I was given time to think it over, but really I didn't need much. The girls' decision to have the baby was theirs, and I'm more than happy with it. Completely supportive in fact. My involvement means my sister is biologically related to her son, as are my parents and everyone else.

It makes a lot of sense. The procedure in W.A. is fairly involved and there were meetings with doctors, and evaluations by a psychiatrist. There was a six month cooling off period, and then there was a final consultation. Most of this was designed to ensure everyone was comfortable with the relationships, and we are.

I'm an uncle, I'll think of myself as an uncle, and certainly play that role in Linc's life, as will my brother. When Linc is old enough to ask, Hope and Tash will explain it all, and if that means I get to be a closer male role model to him, then that's fine and I aim to be a good one. I would have in any case.

I already like the shortened name Linc. I am not sure where it came from, I haven't asked yet. I might guess the girls are Prison Break fans, but seeing as they're both police officers, that probably isn't it. That's the only Lincoln I can think of in recent pop culture.

So that's the story.

There is a full gallery of pictures here.

Proud Uncle Sam!